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Operational Excellence

There are many definitions of Operational Excellence, ranging from “doing things right the first time” and “providing perfect quality at the right time and the right price”, to “a philosophy of leadership, teamwork and problem solving resulting in continuous improvement”.

ReturnPool considers continuous improvement to be the most important aspect of operational excellence. In a world that is continuously changing, it is key to deliver the right quality at the right time. However fast a solution is implemented, it is likely that by the time it goes live circumstances or insights have changed, thus requiring further improvements to the solution. The systems of ReturnPool are designed to deal with this flexibility requirement and can be adopted rapidly to meet the needs of the changing markets.

ReturnPool Operations

The diversity and positioning of the service organization within a company often leads to a need for partial or total outsourcing. Our current operational activities are geared around creating Visibility, Control and Customer Satisfaction. The activities include:

  • Post-project support
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Freight audit and payment services
  • Warranty management*
  • Masterdata transformation and maintenance
  • Insurance and claim handling
  • Management & operational reporting and related continuous improvement proposals.

To support these operations on a global scale we have created a team in four different continents, allowing us to bridge timezones and cultural and linguistic challenges.

Press here for more details on the location and contact details of our offices.




*) Warranty Management
The ReturnPool solutions cover the entire warranty repair and return loop, enabling management of the flow from customer order entry all the way to receiving back of the repaired or swapped item. By connecting our systems to the OEM/vendor warranty database we are not only able perform online warranty validation at the moment of RMA request, but also to transfer the warranty rights in case the defective item is swapped. Different routings and handling processes can be configured for OEM/vendor warranty, repair center warranty, or out of warranty items. We facilitate the process of filing warranty claims to the OEM and related management reporting.