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ReturnPool’s application framework: Spring

ReturnPool uses the cutting edge Java based Spring Application Framework to develop its medium to large scale applications. As Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming / configuration model and infrastructure support for developing enterprise Java applications, solution delivery has been improved considerably as developers only have to focus on the business logic rather than the development environment. Some of the key aspects considered in spring java developments:

  • Data Layer: ReturnPool has delivered solutions based on RDBMS databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Sybases and has new focus on NoSQL database, Mongo DB.
  • Data Access: Supports traditional RDBMS as well as new NoSQL solutions, map-reduce frameworks and cloud based data services. Java based JPA and Hibernate technologies are used to manage the accessibility to the data layer.
  • Integration: ReturnPool uses Apache Camel as the messaging and routing framework in its enterprises applications that need to be integrated with third party appellations deployed on top of Apache Karaf / Apache Service Mix ESB.
  • Modern Web: Full support for modern applications including REST, HTML 5, CSS3 and AJAX.
  • Security: Authorization control for all tiers and authentication integration to dozens of providers. Spring Security Framework has been used in this regard.
  • Cloud Ready: Spring applications are supported on all popular cloud platforms like Cloud Foundry, Google App Engine and Amazon EC2.

Benefits over other frameworks

Spring has some clear benefits over other frameworks. Some characteristics differentiating it from other frameworks are can be summarized as follows:

  • Spring has layered architecture. Use what you need and leave you don’t need now.
  • Spring provides a very clean division between controllers, JavaBean models, and views.
  • Spring has a well-defined interface to business layer.
  • Spring Enables POJO Programming. There is no “behind the scene magic” here. POJO programming enables continuous integration and testability.
  • Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Simplifies JDBC.
  • Spring is the most complete lightweight container.
  • Open source and no vendor lock-in

Our team of developers is specialized in agile development using the Spring Framework.