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ReturnPool – Offshoring from Sri Lanka and Colombia


What is offshoring?

Offshoring is the relocation by a company of a business process from one country to another. This can involve operational and supporting processes. ReturnPool is specialized in the support of offshore IT and administrative services from our offices in Sri Lanka and Colombia. More recently, offshoring has been associated primarily with the outsourcing of administrative services supporting domestic and global operations from outside the home country.

Let us help you avoid the common pitfalls

To successfully adopt an offshore outsourcing strategy starts with avoiding the common pitfalls. In our experience, the
Top 10 most expensive offshore outsourcing mistakes can be summarized as follows:

  1. Not conducting a thorough self-evaluation
  2. Failure to bring your local team on board
  3. Vendor who can’t cross culture
  4. Vendor who pays minimum wages
  5. Vendor who doesn’t follow YOUR business process
  6. Recruitment – not taking an active part in this
  7. Not allowing adequate shift overlap
  8. Not having set contact points for offshore team
  9. Not setting clear expectations
  10. Not working closely during Initiation Phase

Offshore administration

Over the past years ReturnPool has received an increasing number of requests for administrative tasks that are often repetitive of nature. By deploying our infrastructure in Sri Lanka and Colombia we have proven to be scalable and cost-effective. We are able to swiftly adopt our labor force to the requirements of the request and are able to do so at an attractive price. Where needed we are able to utilize our rapid IT development services and internet bot technology to support and optimize these administrative tasks. Some examples of our administrative services are:

  • Insurance claim management
  • Data entry
  • Invoice validation services
  • OCR document scanning and associated data management
  • Contract adherence checks and associated credit management

Offshore software and IT services outsourcing

Offshore software and IT services outsourcing is widely accepted as a standard business practice. Offshoring in the IT industry is associated primarily with the sourcing of technical and administrative services supporting domestic and global operations from outside the home country. One of the reasons can be a lack of availability of sufficient IT resources, although the main economic logic is to reduce costs. If some people can use some of their skills more cheaply than others, those people have the comparative advantage.

Apart from potential cost savings, our talented pool of software engineers, system administrators, system support engineers and quality assurance engineers in Sri Lanka can support you in your growth and efficiency objectives by extending your existing local teams. By having well-established contacts with local universities we have direct access to a wide array of technologies if these are not currently supported in our existing workforce.

Your IT team

Appointing your new offshore outsourcing team should be no different to your normal recruitment process. Offshore candidates should go through the same interview process & selection criteria that you employ for local job candidates.
Returnpool will work with you to isolate areas which can be outsourced effectively and to choose staff who will enhance your inhouse team.


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