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Gain control over your reverse logistics flows

Excellent control over your reverse logistics flows is essential to safeguard customer satisfaction at minimal cost. Based on our wide experience in the reverse logistics industry we have built several systems that support the management of complex Reverse Logistics Supply chains. These reverse logistics systems are aimed at gaining high flexibility in service planning, managing different repair strategies, offering device exchange services and controlling a high variation of customer specific service level agreements.

Which system best suits your needs highly depends on the scope and complexity of your reverse supply chain and the specific service elements that require special attention. In the above example the aim was to centralize repair flows to a single repair center, with an OEM-controlled entity (HUB) controlling the SLA management by means of swapping. However, in the reverse logistics arena many different types of flows are possible and should be supported by the systems used. ReturnPool has built several systems to support different reverse logistics landscapes, of which “ReFlex” and “SMT” are the two most comprehensive ones.


ReFlex is a return orders management solution enabling complex and flexible reverse logistics processes. ReFlex is an enterprise solution aimed at high-volume reverse supply chains that require full integration with various supply chain partners. Read more…


SMT is a reverse logistics system that validates receipts of items sent to a logistics HUB or Repair Center and that subsequently triggers returns based on customer Service Level Agreements. The flexibility of SMT makes it perfectly suited to deal with local requirements whilst adhering to global strategy. Read more…

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