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Paper versus digital flight administration

Historically, keeping accurate track of flight movements and related administrative tasks put a heavy burden on the backoffice of companies active in the helicopter and jetliner business. Many process steps rely on paperwork filled out by pilots. This paperwork only arrives to the backoffice days after the event, after which the data need to be manually re-entered into the backoffice systems. This process causes a delay in visibility and billing to the customer, and potentially lost revenue due to a poor quality of data.  A digital aviation flight tracking solution will help to improve your visibility and administration which in its turn will allow you to improve your billing speed.

Aviation flight tracking made mobile

ReturnPool is specialized in rapid application development of which mobile solutions are an increasingly important segment. For the aviation industry, ReturnPool has developed an application that allows helicopter and charter jet businesses to optimize their administrative processes. The solution is aimed at creating added value in the following areas:

  • Improved customer billing cycles
  • More efficient administrative processes
  • Less paperwork, less errors
  • Full audit trail of flight-related data
  • Flight equipment maintenance auditablity
  • Global visibility of flight movements and status

In order to reach these improvements, the ReturnPool solution allows (co-)pilots to digitally capture the following information and events:

  • Flight ID
  • Flight movements
  • Type of flight movements
  • Customer of each movement
  • Fuel consumption
  • Refueling data
  • (co)pilot hour registration
  • Equipment flight hours
  • Passenger quantity and cargo weight
  • Electronic signatures of stakeholders (refuellers, pilots, customers)
  • Maintenance records (datacaptured directly by engineers in the system)

This information is subsequently published via a secure ReturnPool webportal enabling you to have a real time global visibility of your data. The information is also unlocked via our reporting solution and alerts can be configured for specific events.

Case Study: Helicol

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