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i-Manage your data on the fly

The wide availability of affordable intelligent mobile devices, such as Ipads, Ipods and Iphones, offers businesses great opportunities to further improve the efficiency of their day-to-day business processes. This however is yet greatly unrecognized by the vast majority of companies. Within our Rapid Application Development suite we have recognized this opportunity and have developed a variety of solutions taking advantage of these mobile opportunities.

The aim of any of these mobile solutions is to simplify the workflow by system-guided capturing and display of relevant data to the mobile user. Below some of the main benefits are described.

Eliminate paperwork

Historically, paper was typically the medium to communicate between back- and front office. A fieldworker would be guided by instructions on paper and write requested data on a form for the backoffice to process upon his return to the office. In some industries, expensive mobile solutions were put in place to deal with this inefficiency. Due to the fast increase of affordable mobile equipment, these legacy solutions can rapidly become obsolete. Our solutions will assist the mobile user to quickly become efficient.

Eliminate double data entry

Data entered on a mobile device can directly made available in the back-office systems, therefore eliminating human errors by removing double data entry and enhancing the quality and speed of data.

Immediate data availability

As the data can be directly available to the back-office, it can immediately be processed and used to reach the business objectives. For example, our mobile solutions have enabled our customers to significantly increase the speed of their billing cycle as the required billing information is immediately available.

Optimal traceability

A number of local logistics service providers are using one of our mobile solutions to facilitate track & trace services to their customers. Some of customers in the aviation industry use our flight tracking systems to log their flights.