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Filemaker, our quickest way to deliver

Why spend all your time on specifications in order to discover that the world has changed by the time these specifications have finally matured into systems? For this reason ReturnPool strongly advocates the use of rapid application platforms such as Filemaker and Servoy.

The growing complexity of organizations and the flexibility required to support the every changing business processes impact the decisions you make regarding the software platforms to use. Based on our experience, solutions for mid- and small sized projects can be ideally fulfilled by our Filemaker service offering. Not only can our Filemaker solutions be deployed in weeks or days rather than months, but also they will offer you amongst others the following benefits:

  • Cross platform database application
  • Multi-user system
  • Low development & software costs
  • Supports large datasets
  • Easy to publish on the web
  • Supports local, run-time, and internet based client-server solutions
  • Access to your data on the iPad, iPod & iPhone

By enabling our solutions you prevent the use of spreadsheets, like Excel, which in itself are great tools but can be cumbersome to use for large volumes of information or in those scenarios where multiple users require simultaneous access to the same information. When tracking large numbers of records, like Contacts, Pictures, Invoices, Projects, Orders, RMA’s and virtually anything else, our Filemaker applications make the job easy and efficient. The databases we design are highly automated, giving you more time to run your business and improve your bottom line.


Given the speed of development and the high level of flexibility of our Filemaker platform we often use it for prototyping the future enterprise solution. A prototype allows the customer to quickly visualize the eventual solution without spending too much time and effort. The prototype can already be deployed in an early operational phase allowing the actual users to give feedback which can be easily incorporated resulting in a better input to the final enterprise solution.