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You have (re)defined your global service strategy. What now?

In a world where “service” increasingly hits the management agenda, you are likely to be confronted with the need for a new strategy in this area. The challenge is to transform this global service strategy deployment into practice. How easy is it to roll-out this new or revised global solution and locally deploy the global system and procedures?

From experience we know it is not an easy task to deploy a truly global service strategy:

  • From a cultural and legal perspective, different markets might require different (sub)solutions.
  • Your market position, hence your power to enforce your new systems and procedures, is likely to be different per market.
  • Your local market share, the strength and level of autonomy of your local organization, and the distribution of power in that market (OEM, retailer or operator dominated?) are factors that influence the level of localization that might be required.

So based on our experience there will be a need for localized solutions within the global framework.

ReturnPool is expert in assisting you to transform your global strategy into local practice. As specialists in service logistics and warranty management, ReturnPool can be your bridge between the strategic desire and an operational solution. We have vast international experience in designing, where needed, practical solutions (processes, systems) that are suitable for the local operation and at the same time tie in with your global framework.

Based on worldwide experience with leading companies in the high-tech industry, we have positioned ourselves in the gap between strategic consultancy firms and system providers. The combination of our skills in operational consultancy, detailed process engineering and rapid application development allows ReturnPool to act as an independent partner to make your service strategy happen.

The key of our success is embedded in our operational hands-on approach during the project deployment phase and our continuous improvement methodology in the operational phase.

Not yet sure about your new strategy? Consider our Service Strategy Mirror

A number of change drivers force companies to put their service strategy and the related logistics concepts high on the management agenda. Examples of these changes are margin pressure, more demanding service levels / shorter repair TAT, product and parts proliferation, increasing product complexity and modularity, more complicated/expensive test-equipment requirements, blurring boundaries between industry-segment service requirements and offerings, changing environmental and consumer (warranty) laws. The changing environment has caused a number of generic and industry-specific business issues (challenges), such as increased tracking and tracing requirements (product T&T, warranty tracking, RMA calibration), local versus centralized repair decisions, level of autonomy of the national (after)sales organizations, inventory ownership decisions (e.g. VMI), increasing complexity in the logistics solutions, and customs issues in case of non-EU repair. We are confident you have good ideas on how to adapt your service strategy to deal with these challenges. But we can also image you want to brainstorm about your ideas with a sparring partner that has experience in translating global strategies into local solutions and operations; with our extensive knowledge of the service supply chain we can be that mirror for you.