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Servoy, our quick way to deliver

Why spend all your time on specifications in order to discover that the world has changed by the time these specifications have finally matured into systems? For this reason ReturnPool strongly advocates the use of rapid application platforms such as Filemaker and Servoy.

The Java-based Servoy Business Application Platform (BAP) has been built specifically for those projects for which time-to-market, low maintenance and cross deployment is crucial. The platform allows for fast development and a single code-base that can be deployed on any database to any device, browser or operating system.

Based on our experience, solutions for enterprise-sized projects can be ideally fulfilled by our Servoy service offering. Not only can our Servoy solutions be deployed quickly, but also they will offer you amongst others the following benefits:

  • Ability to create (and maintain) a single code base for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix desktops
  • Connects to many data sources that includes all modern SQL databases to web-services and other external systems.  Applications developed with Servoy can access data from all popular SQL back-ends such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird; and combine data from different databases into a single user interface UI.
  • Provides perfect scalability
  • Database and platform independent, cloud computing ready
  • Does not have proprietary languages and/or databases but instead bases its language on open standards

Modular Design

ReturnPool has used Servoy to create several complex solutions. In principle we design our solutions in a modular way, so modules can be re-used to even further enhance the speed of development of new applications and lower their development costs.