2007: ReturnPool was born

In 2001 two managers of different companies and contrasting backgrounds were put around a table to challenge each other and to defend the interests of their respective companies (employers).

Watch the video to see what happened next…

…. Surprisingly, their two opposing characters and expertise turned out to be a formula for success as they joined forces.

Motivated by their accomplishments, they soon thereafter left their employers to form a team and to use their combined strengths to assist an acclaimed multinational in the startup of a new business division. Impressed by the proposition, Nokia decided to work with the newly created division for the implementation of Nokia’s global reverse logistics strategy.

Soon the two managers and their team were met with happy customers but at the same time were starting to hit the boundaries of working within a large multinational. Internal focus, inflexibility and high cost levels hampered the team in their ambitions.

All parties were convinced that it would be best to continue the business in a customer focused, cost efficient and flexible organization; and so in 2007 ReturnPool was born.

The DNA of the organization is aimed at creating solutions that are flexible, hands-on and fast to implement. So, how do we realize this?
1. we have established an excellence center for project and process management
2. we have created a low-cost IT development center, and
3. we have setup a number of customer support centers.
4. we have invested in a rapid application IT framework  and in a global network of creative employees that are unified by a no-nonsense approach.

This blueprint has enabled us to widen our scope from reverse logistics to solutions in the area of business transparency, process optimization, logistics control, IT enablement.

So, if you need a creative yet affordable solution yesterday? Contact us today !

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