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Manage Service from A to Z

One of the core activities of ReturnPool is Global Service Strategy Deployment. In various projects in the reverse logistics arena we have encountered the need for a flexible repair registration system. In response to this need we have engaged our Rapid Application Development philosophy to develop our Repair Management system. The software solution is meant for Repair Shops that receive items for repair, and Retail Stores or Repair Depots that send out all of their repairs. The system has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of walk-in service centers and smaller repair centers.

The multi-lingual Repair Management System has been designed for service centers to register and guide users through all steps in the repair process. The main functional areas are:

  • End-customer registration and maintenance
  • Item registration (both in and out of warranty)
  • Loan item registration
  • System-guided inhouse repair registration
  • Spare parts management
  • External repair registration and communication
  • Out of warranty repair decisions
  • Shipping to external repair locations
  • Repair claiming towards the OEM


Sample Screens of the Repair Management System

The Repair Management System contains 28 data entry / search screens. Below the Receipt Screen and the Return Screen are shown.

Receipt Screen

Return Screen