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The type of solutions we operate tend to involve large number of data stored in databases. How to interpret these large datasets and get meaningful information out of it is an art in itself and involves the use of solid reporting solutions. The ability to enable large numbers of people to easily access real-time enterprise information and transform it into richly formatted reports is critical to the success of any organization. By extending reporting capabilities to anyone who impacts the business – from executives, analysts, and frontline workers, to customer and other external partners – companies can respond more rapidly to changing marketplace conditions, optimize core processes, and maximize productivity and cost-efficiency.

What makes our reporting solutions different?

In most business environments the systems used will be able to provide some form of visibility through a variety of management and operational reports. However, most of these reports are created by IT specialists with little or no knowledge of the operational processes. The reporting infrastructure offered by ReturnPool is based on a set of differentiating principles to ensure that all stakeholders in a solution will have fast and simple access to timely and accurate information to effectively monitor and run the business:

  • Rather than IT specialists it is the ReturnPool Project Managers, being the actual content experts, who are creating the reports as they are the best positioned to correctly interpret the data. Our reporting infrastructure, which uses our datawarehouse in combination with SAP Crystal Reports software, enables them to create rapid and flexible reporting.
  • As our content experts are creating the reports they can assist customers to define the critical business drivers and provide the necessary transparency related to these.
  • Our Project Managers implement solutions at operational level but liaise with management on the mid- and longterm goals that need to be met. As such they are in an excellent position to define the visibility requirements that can be obtained by a suite of operational and management reports.