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ReturnPool: Your gateway to Latin America and Europe

ReturnPool is a local strategic partner for its clients and can act as gateway for customers abroad. Through our local presence and our existing network in Latin America and Europe we can act as your business representative, or we can assist you in setting up your own local business and find appropriate business partners.

We offer the following services from our offices in Latin America and Europe:

  • Matchmaking activities. We connect you to local business partners based on a detailed profile, created in one-on-one conversations with your company. ReturnPool will assess and mirror your company in order to determine the qualities of your ideal partner and / or customer.
  • Recruitment of local employees. Based on a detailed profiles provided by you we will select the most appropriate candidates together, who – whilst on the pay-roll of ReturnPool – will be managed by your company.
  • Back-office operations and daily paperwork. We also respond to other ad hoc questions and deal with problems on the spot.
  • Project Management. We manage your local projects and assist/facilitate you through important calls.
  • Logistics management and support
  • Arrangement of (turn-key) office facilities
  • Assistance in the setup of your own local business entity, where we, in cooperation with trusted local law firms, offer the necessary legal support.
  • Partnerships. With our partner De 10 B.V. we have initiated the Eureka Program, aimed at setting up new business together with entrepreneurs. For more information on the Eureka Program, please click here.

By keeping our eyes always open for opportunities and/or threats, combined with our personal no-nonsense approach, ReturnPool offers you long-term support that goes beyond one-sided advice.

Want to expand to LATAM? ReturnPool Colombia can assist.

Colombia is the third largest country in Latin America in terms of population after Brazil and Mexico, with the fifth largest economy. Colombia has a highly skilled and competitive workforce with well-qualified and experienced executives. Colombia is an attractive destination for investment and is the Northern South American and Caribbean operational center for many multinationals. Low inflation, cheap credit and a stable investment friendly political environment mean that many economic sectors remain competitive and attractive to investors. ReturnPool has experience in the roll-out of large projects into Latin America from our basis in Bogota.

Our Colombian team will be happy to assist you in expanding your business to Latin America and beyond.

Want to expand to Europe? ReturnPool Netherlands can assist.

If you want to enter into the European market, the Netherlands is a good location to start. The Netherlands offers:

  • a strategic location in Europe (a strategic location to serve markets within Europe, but also the Middle East and Africa).
  • a competitive fiscal climate
  • a superior logistics and technology infrastructure
  • a conducive innovation environment
  • an international business environment
  • a solid workforce
  • an attractive quality of life

Our Dutch team will be happy to assist you in expanding your business to Europe and beyond.