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Rapid Application Development: Our niche !

Originally ReturnPool is a niche player focused on reverse logistics in the telecom industry. As this is a rapidly changing market with many players with different requirements, we have identified the need for having an in-house capability of developing extremely flexible systems that can very easily and quickly be adapted to meet these changing demands.

Our subsidiaries ReturnPool IT Services and ReturnPool Lanka have been the successful answer to this need. These companies focus on rapid application development in areas far beyond the reverse logistics industry. We can create database-based systems to replace the use of spreadsheets and paper documents in your organization, thus gaining efficiency and providing centralized management information. But we can also build complex systems that support entire processes in different industries.

Why spend all your time on specifications in order to discover that the world has changed by the time these specifications have finally matured into systems? In order to gain valuable time and build a system that does what is currently required, we prefer to take a “specify-whilst-we-build” approach rather that the traditional method of creating detailed specifications first and only start programming after common approval. This approach has proven to be a key to success in the delivery of many of our smaller and larger projects.

Rapid Development Platforms

ReturnPool has invested in two rapid development platforms:


Servoy’s unique Business Application Platform allows us to develop efficient business applications in record time. Contrary to the traditional development tools widely used, many key features required to build a business application are already standard in Servoy’s platform. Besides, we have developed a large number of functional¬† modules that can be re-used for new applications. By offering our Servoy Development solutions through our Sri-Lankan based office we are able to keep off-shore price levels whilst providing high service levels.


The second rapid development platform we use is Filemaker. Whilst in Servoy we are able to support enterprise level solutions, Filemaker is more tailored to mid- and small sized businesses. By choosing our Filemaker Development platform you opt for the quickest and most flexible way to automate or optimize your processes. Depending on the requirements, we are often not speaking in terms of months, but rather in terms of weeks or even just days of development time.

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