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Dealing with ReturnPool means getting value for money: We offer affordable high quality services according to a simple, transparent, pricing model. ReturnPool has a vast experience in Freight Audit and Payment services. Based on the large number of transactions we are processing on a monthly basis in our low-cost processing center in Sri Lanka we are able to offer you highly competitive pricing for our service.

1. Invoice Validation and Reporting

Our pricing* for the Invoice Validation and Reporting service is quoted per “invoice line” whereby an invoice line is defined as all costs (in one invoice) linked to a single shipment.

No. invoice lines checked per year:
> 1.000.000
500.000 – 1.000.000
200.000 – 500.000
50.000 – 200.000
< 50.000
Price per checked invoice line:
EUR 0,08
EUR 0,10
EUR 0,15
EUR 0,20
EUR 0,25
Column 3
Column 3
Column 3
Column 3
Column 3
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2. Freight payment and Recharging

After validation of the invoices, ReturnPool can pay the logistics service providers and periodically recharge the approved amounts to you. The price* indication for this service is 4,8% of the invoiced amount. Please contact us for a quotation as conditions might apply to this service that influence this price indication. 

3. Other services

Pricing for our other services (such as Dispute Management, Payment Triggering, RFQ Management, Data Analysis and Benchmarking) is on request. Please contact us for a quotation.


* Note: Prices are subject to change. No rights can be derived from the prices published on this website.