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Consumer Returns Management via the post

E-send is a postal Consumer Returns Management application that enables end-consumers to request a shipment RMA. The E-send system facilitates an approval process of such return request, after which the consumer will receive a prepaid postal label and packaging instructions via e-mail. The end-consumer can take the package to the closest local post office or drop it off at their company mail-room, enabling a cost effective and controlled returns process.


Simplify the process

The E-send solution enables customers to have an easy-access for returns using economic postal services. It gives full traceability from the moment of receiving the request from the customer to fulfillment of the request. All statuses within the loop are registered and made available via the web-portal, reports or web-services.

The E-send application can have 2 main entry points:

1. The End-Consumer: The consumer enters a return-request via the web-portal, after which you approve the return (RMA). This approval can be automatically done based on pre-configured rules. Upon approval of the return, the E-send application will create a shipment towards to country postal office, after which an e-mail is sent to the consumer, containing the shipment documentation and Packaging instructions.

2. Contact Center: Your contact center receives a request for return from the customer, after which an order is entered by the contact center staff in their own system.  This system should create a web-service request to the e-send application, which will create a postal shipment. This will result in a web-service response from the E-send application containing the return-label and the packaging instructions.

In both cases the consumer gets the detailed instructions and will use these to prepare the returns shipment for it to be handed over to the nearest postal office.

The E-send application will monitor the track & trace details from the postal services, and will pre-alert the destination of the expected shipments. The destination point (e.g. a repair facility), can also use the E-send application to return the device (or Swap device) to the customer.